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Artemis Consulting LLC
     Sustainable Business Solutions

Let's work together to provide your business with a better tomorrow.



A Vision for the Future

Artemis Consulting was founded by owner, Renee Roth, with the intention to empower business owners who are seeking to evolve the way they operate their business. The core objective is to provide businesses the tools needed to ensure equality and sustainability become principal operational values in society.  


Fueled by the understanding that we are holistic creatures who are interconnected with our environment, Artemis Consulting wishes to provide the knowledge, tools, and support that businesses may require to evolve both personally and professionally. 

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Taking Your Business to the Next Level

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Accounting and Finance



Business Finance


Operational Development

Business Analytics

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Growth Management

Sustainability Integration

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“Renee has been our bookkeeper for 3 years, and has been a trusted partner to our business for 10 years. She excels at providing excellent hands on, down to earth support that is tailored to the small business owner's needs.”

Jorah Newsom

Red Beard Leather, Owner


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