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~ Habits : Freedom : Flow ~

Habits are important. We all know that. I would like to talk about why they are in the context of business. 

Foundational habits will eventually make or break a system. Thinking on a wholistic level, one can work backwards and apply the science of reductionism to a breaking down system to identify the smaller components that are causing the failure. 

However, that is a reactionary approach. An approach that often leads to burn out, and restrictions on freedom and creativity when utilized as the default. It is prudent to take the time and intention to build a foundation from well-formed habits that interconnect with other habits to build a strong, well-functioning wholistic system. From this place, ideas flow easily through the processes of a system and produce a sound creation that could end up being timeless. 

To the business owner or professional, this philosophy is appropriately utilized in personal development, accounting, and constructing an organization. It is much more rewarding and fulfilling to be able to build upon a strong foundation that can become automated in order to provide the pathways of free-flowing creativity. 

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